Anupama: Kavya’s outrageous new tactic to destroy Anupama

Anupama (Anupamaa): Kavya’s outrageous new tactic to destroy Anupama(Upcoming Story)

Anupama serial produced by Rajan Shahi has kept the viewers hooked with new and interesting twists and turns.

As we know, Vanraj decides to celebrate his birthday with family while Kavya reaches there to be a part of his celebration.

Vanraj is not happy with her presence but Anupama insists that Kavya will eventually be a part of the family when she gets married to Vanraj.

The future episodes will see another big revelation as Kavya will have a special motive to enter Shah’s house.

She will plan on destroying Anupama’s happiness and would also wish to throw Baa and Bapuji out of the house. Watch this space for more updates on the Anupamaa serial.