Anupama Upcoming Story: Kavya threatens to fill a complaint against the Shah family

Anupama Upcoming Story: Star Plus’s Anupama serial never fails to impress viewers with its interesting twists and turns.

So far in Anupama, Vanraj was threatened by Kavya to reach the wedding venue on time. Later, Rakhi confronted Kavya about her plan against the Shah family.

Further, Kavya tried to make Anupama feel jealous but Anupama rebuked her.

Now in the upcoming episodes, Kavya would be waiting for Vanraj at the Mandap while he will go missing.

Later, Kavya will call Anupama and will ask her to search for Vanraj.

When Anupama will deny getting involved in her matter, Kavya will threaten to file a complaint against Vanraj and the Shah family.

Will Anupama search for Vanraj?

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