Anupama upcoming story: Vanraj and Anupama to part their ways

Anupama Spoiler:

Star Plus’s high voltage drama, Anupama, is gearing up for more twists.

It was earlier seen that Vanraj and Anupama spent quality time recollecting their fond memories of the past.

Meanwhile, Kavya was frustrated at Vanraj and Anupama going for a picnic alone.

In the future story, Vanraj will think that he will be at peace after his divorce while Anupama will get depressed thinking about it.

Later, the reality will be quite opposite to what the duo expects. Vanraj will not be happy after the divorce while Anupama will feel light-hearted.

Will Vanraj and Anupama reconsider their divorce?

Stay tuned for more interesting updates on the Anupama story.