Imli: Imli to save Aditya from goons

Imli (Imlie): Imli to save Aditya from goons (Upcoming Episode)

Star Plus’s Imli serial has gained a lot of viewership in a short interval and the audience loves the chemistry of Aditya and Imli.

So far, Aditya finds himself in a dilemma and asks Imli to move on in her life. Imli gets shattered and decides to return to Pagdandiya.

Further, Aditya is kidnapped by some goons while Imli witnesses the scene. She runs to save him but is only able to memorize the car number plate.

Now in the coming episodes, Aditya will be taken to a secluded place and he will be threatened to kill for causing trouble in their business.

However, Imli will reach there and will save Aditya from the goons by using her smart brain.

Will Imli be successful in her plan?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli serial.