Imli upcoming story: Prakash’s return to create chaos in Imli and Aditya’s lives

Imli Gossip:

Star Plus’s popular show, Imli is gearing up for more twists and turns.

So far, Imli drew a picture of her and Aditya from her wedding and desires to surprise Aditya.

Elsewhere, Malini noticed Aditya’s attraction towards Imli.

In future episodes, the Tripathis will arrange a pooja for Adiya and Malini’s newlywed life.

Malini will learn a shocking truth about Aditya having two wives from the guruji at the pooja.

Elsewhere, Prakash will decide to uncover the marriage truth of Aditya and Imli as he doesn’t want Imli to suffer anymore.

Will Prakash actually expose Aditya and Imli’s marriage truth to Malini?

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