Molkki: Prakashi to kill Purvi? (Upcoming Twist)

Molkki: Prakashi’s evil ploy to kill Purvi

Colors TV’s popular serial Molkki is gaining a lot of popularity with the return of Virendra’s ex-wife Sakshi.

So far, Sakshi escapes the traps of Prakashi and reaches the temple where Virendra has kept a Pooja in memory of his beloved first wife.

Later, Purvi tries to help Sakshi but gets kidnapped while Prakashi is searching for Sakshi.

Now in coming episodes, Prakashi will plan on ending Purvi’s life after abducting her outside the NGO.

Further, the family members will get worried after Purvi will go missing.

Will Virendra be able to save Purvi yet again?

Stay tuned for more updates on Molkki serial.