Molkki: Purvi to catch Vaibhav in disguise

Molkki upcoming story: Purvi to catch Vaibhav in disguise

Molkki serial on Colors TV has left no stone unturned to impress viewers with the latest twists.

So far, Vaibhav instigates Virendra to shoot him while he was wearing a bulletproof jacket. Vaibhav is shown dead while Virendra gets arrested for the murder of Vaibhav.

Further, Vaibhav is shown alive and meets Anjali. The two are seen planning against Purvi and Virendra.

Now in the upcoming episodes, Vaibhav will disguise himself as an old man and will be escaping from the city.

Sudha will learn the truth and will rush to inform Purvi at the railway station. Purvi will further inform the police, and everyone will follow the old man aka Vaibhav.

Will Vaibhav get caught before he boards the train?

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