Pandya Store: Raavi and Shiva to get married (Upcoming Twist)

Pandya Stores: Raavi and Shiva to get married

Star Plus’s latest drama serial, Pandya Store has seen some major changes with the 10-year long leap.

So far, the three brothers of Gautam have grown up and the story is revolving around their love interests.

While Dev and Rishika are in love, Raavi’s alliance is fixed with Dev. Also, the family of Rishika wants her to get married to an NRI.

Now in coming episodes, Raavi and Shiva will continue to bump into each other and lock horns. They will continue to get into fights.

Further, the story will take an interesting new twist as Raavi will get married to Shiva instead of Dev.

Will Dev and Rishika also get married to each other?

Stay tuned for more updates on Pandya Store serial.