YRKKH Upcoming Twist: Sirat realizes that she loves Kartik

YRKKH latest spoiler: Star Plus’s popular serial YRKKH is bringing up a new twist in the story.

So far in YRKKH, Kartik got angry with Sirat as she planned a date for him without informing Kartik.

Later, Saroj offers Honeymoon tickets to Sirat and Ranvir but Sirat ruined them accidentally.

Further, Kartik gave a ride to Sirat to her home and they got stuck on an empty road in between their journey.

In the upcoming episodes of YRKKH, Ranvir will come to help Sirat and Kartik as they stand on the road helplessly.

He will further confess to Sirat that how much he missed her in her absence and asks Sirat to tell him that she loves him.

Meanwhile, Kartik will ask Sirat to close her eyes, and then she will see the person whom she loves the most.

Sirat will close her eyes and will see Kartik while she gets shocked to see him.

Will Sirat accepts the fact that she loves Kartik?

Stay tuned for more updates on YRKKH.