Anupama upcoming twist: Samar decides restore Anupama’s peace

Anupama Serial Gossips:

Star Plus’s high voltage drama, Anupama, is gearing up for more upcoming twists.

It was earlier seen that Vanraj and Kavya got into a huge dispute over a video call.

Later, Kinjal was tensed about Samar and fell unconscious.

Vanraj and Anupama were still at the resort as part of the curfew.

In the future story of Anupama, Samar will feel helpless for Anupama for not helping her in her bad times.

Later, he will decide to get back Anupama and Vanraj to the Shahs’ house and will determine to restore Anupama’s peace.

Nandini will promise Samar to help him in making Anupama out of Vanraj’s pressure.

Will Samar succeed in his decision?

Stay tuned for more interesting upcoming story updates on Anupama serial.