Barrister Babu Upcoming Story: Anirudh gets satisfied at Bondita’s fierce statements

Barrister Babu Serial Gossips:

The latest update of Barrister Babu, which is being telecasted on Colors TV, will make interesting moves.

So far in Barrister Babu, Anirudh tried all ways to divert Bondita’s attention towards her studies.

Bondita felt heartbroken at Anirudh and Manorama’s togetherness.

Later, Bondita decided to study hard and moved on.

In the future story, Anirudh will taunt Bondita while comparing her to Manorama.

Bondita will fire up and will make fierce statements of studying hard and to get a barrister.

Anirudh will be immensely satisfied at his trials to make Bondita realize her true dream.

Will Bondita continue her perseverance in achieving her goal?