Molkki TRP Rating: Serial fails to gain top position despite great story

Molkki TRP Rating: Molki BARC Ratings update

Colors TV’s most interesting story, Molkki is a perfect combination of entertainment and women empowerment.

However, the recent BARC TRP list suggests Molkki has gained low TRP points compared to other Colors TV serials.

Molkki is the story of Purvi who is sold as a Dulhan to a rich and powerful man, Virendra.

The interesting twists and turns along with the re-entry of Sakshi make for a great plot.

Despite this, Molkki serial has not managed to gain top positions in TRP charts.

Other Colors TV serials also fail to get High TRP points.

Will Molki gain more viewership and rank high in the upcoming weeks?

Stay tuned for more TRP updates of the Molkki serial.