Super Singer 8 Latest Updates: Show postponed, No Eliminations today, this week

Super Singer 8 Latest News: No Telecast, No Eliminations

Vijay TV’s reality show, Super Singer 8 has postponed its shooting, and the telecast until further notice keeping in sight the situation due to the pandemic.

The show, Super Singer 8 airs its promos for its recent episodes but unfortunately, the promos of this week aren’t aired.

As per the recent serial updates of Super Singer 8, there is supposed to be an elimination round this week (22nd May 2021 and 23rd May 2021).

The shooting of Super Singer 8 has got postponed until further notice, so there will no elimination for the time being.

There is still no update about how the show resumes, it may shorten the time of the show and may reach the finale or runs it as it is.

We will update you when the show restarts its telecasting once Super Singer 8 updates about the shooting.

It is a great disappointment for the fans that their favorite show, Super Singer 8 is not telecasting this week.