Super Singer 8 Voting: How to vote, Top contestants, Phone lines, Results

Super Singer Season 8 Voting: Vote for season 2021 finalist contestants

Star Vijay TV’s Super Singer Season 8 has gained more popularity from the audience with their talented singers.

The show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm. This season, the contestants are of the highest talents and fall in the age group of above 15 years.

After the performances of Super Singer 8 contestants, the audience can cast their votes while the judges give them the scores.

The following is a step-by-step procedure for casting the votes for the contestants.

The voting rules applied to vote for Super Singer 8 2021 contestants:

Unlike other reality shows, the voting procedure for Super Singer 8 is a little different. The rules are stated below.

1. The voting lines are opened for the contestants who have secured the least point among all other contestants.

2. The judges select the contestants who scored the least points every week.

3. These two selected contestants will fall in the elimination round and the audience has to save them with their votes.

4. The contestant who scores the lease votes will get terminated from the show.

5. The audience can cast only 50 votes with a single Gmail ID.

Steps to cast the votes for Super Singer 8:

The audience can follow the below procedure to cast their votes for their favourite contestants.

Step 1: Open the Star Vijay TV  page on the Desktop or Star Vijay App can also be installed on the mobile phone.

Step 2:  Open the Super Singer 8 page on the app or website and click on the voting option.

Step 3: Select the contestant which you want to save from the elimination.

Step 4: Click submit to confirm your vote.

Stay tuned to Super Singer 8 on Star Vijay TV  and save your favorite contestant by casting your vote.