Anupama: Anupama to overhear Kavya’s plan

Anupama(Anupamaa): Anupama to overhear Kavya’s plan (Upcoming Story)

Star Plus’s most popular serial Anupama will see new and interesting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.
So far, Kavya comes to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday at Shah house and Anupama lets her be a part of the celebrations.
Later, the whole family enjoys Vanraj’s birthday party while Pakhi’s emotional outburst shocks everyone. She blames Kavya for destroying her family.
Now viewers will see new development as Kavya will reveal her true plans for the Shah family. She will tell Rakhi that after she marries Vanraj, she will create trouble for his family.
The whole conversation will be heard by Anupama who will rebuke Kavya for her thinking.
Will Kavya be able to explain her words to Anupama?
Keep reading the upcoming serial to get more updates on the Anupama serial.