Anupama: Anupama-Vanraj to go on a vacation (Spoiler)

Anupamaa: Anupama-Vanraj to go on a vacation (Spoiler)

Star Plus’s most popular serial, Anupama has gained much popularity in a short span of time.

So far, Anupama drank Bhaang and poured her heart out in front of everyone. She expressed her emotions and made the family feel guilty.

Further, she apologized for her words while the family is planning to send her out with Vanraj. Also, Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce is about to get finalized.

Now in the coming episodes, Vanraj and Anupama will go on a small vacation on a motorbike and will enjoy themselves.

The scene will be witnessed by Kavya and she will try to call Vanraj. However, Vanraj will not pick up her call which will make her angrier.

Will Anupama and Vanraj get divorced?

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