Anupama: Kavya to leave Shah House

Anupamaa: Kavya to leave Shah House (Upcoming Twist)

Star Plus serial Anupama produced by Rajan Shahi is entertaining its viewers with its storyline of a housewife.

So far, Anupama gives authority of house to Vanraj.

Later, all the family members celebrate the success of enrolling 100 students in Anupama’s dance school.

Pakhi returns home to surprise everyone but, is shocked to find Vanraj and Kavya together and breaks down.

In the coming episodes, Pakhi will ask Vanraj and Anupama to stay together for her sake till their divorce.

Further, Vanraj will ask Kavya to leave.

Kavya leaves the house and vows to ruin everyone’s life.

What will be Kavya’s next step?

Stay tuned to know more updates on Anupamaa serial.