Anupama: Pakhi to bring Anupam and Vanraj closer

Anupama (Anupamaa): Pakhi to bring Anupama and Vanraj closer (Upcoming Story)

Star Plus’s serial Anupama has gained lot of popularity because of its amazing plotline.

So far, Pakhi returns home to surprise everyone without informing. But she is shocked by finding Vanraj and Kavya together while Anupama tries her best to hide. Then, Pakhi puts forth a condition that she will return home if Kavya leaves the house.

Anupama asks Kavya to leave the house but she refuses. Then Vanraj asks her to shift to Nandini’s house. Kavya leaves the house and Anupama brings Pakhi home.

In the coming episodes, Kavya will ask Vanraj to drop her office. At the same time, Pakhi asks him to drop Anupama and her.

Pakhi will try her best to keep Vanraj and Anupama close.

Will Pakhi get successful in her plan?

Stay tuned to know more updates about Anupama serial.