Anupama: Pakhi to leave Shah house

Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Pakhi to leave Shah house

Star Plus’s popular serial, Anupama produced by Rajan Shahi continues to entertain viewers with its amazing storyline and stellar star cast.

The story so far shows Anupama allowing Kavya to be a part of Vanraj’s birthday celebration. Meanwhile, Pakhi continues to stay upset with Kavya.

They both get into a verbal argument while Vanraj also scolds Pakhi in front of everyone.

Now the coming story will continue with the party leaving a note and Anupama finding it in her room. The note will reveal that she has left the house.

Anupama and Vanraj will be shattered to learn the same and will rush to search for Pakhi. Further, Vanraj will blame Kavya for everything.

Will Vanraj and Anupama be able to find Pakhi?

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