Anupama: Pakhi to surprise Anupama and Vanraj

Anupamaa upcoming story: Pakhi to surprise Anupama – Vanraj

Star Plus’s most popular serial, Anupama has gained lots of popularity by bringing the story of an ordinary housewife.

So far, Kavya comes with Vanraj to stay with Anupama while Samar and Vanraj get into an argument. Later, Anupama decides to give the house to Vanraj and leave.

However, she is forced to stay because of Pakhi while Kavya is instigating Vanraj to get the house.

Now in the coming episodes, Pakhi will decide to surprise Anupama and Vanraj by returning home without informing them.

Anupama will try to hide Kavya but still Pakhi will see her and will get shocked. She will get extremely upset and her condition will get worst.

Will Anupama and Vanraj be able to handle Pakhi?

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