Anupama Spoiler: Kavya forces Vanraj to marry him just after the divorce

Anupama Upcoming Twist:

Star Plus’s most popular serial, Anupama has seen many twists and turns with the divorce of Anupama and Vanraj.

So far, Vanraj and Anupama went for a picnic and got stuck there due to curfew. Further, Kinjal got sick and Baa thinks she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Kavya learns from a priest that her marriage with Vanraj has lots of hurdles and that she should get married as soon as she can.

Now in the coming episodes, Anupama and Vanraj will be upset with their divorce while Kavya will put pressure on Vanraj for getting married just after the divorce.

However, Vanraj will ask for more time as he won’t be mentally prepared.

Will Vanraj ever get married to Kavya?

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