Anupama Spoiler: Kavya to spill the beans

Anupama Latest News:

Star Plus show Anupama is entertaining its viewers with its different storyline of a housewife.

In the recent episodes, Vanraj and Anupama spend some quality time together recalling their past moments while Kavya is insecure about Vanraj.

Rakhi comes to Leela’s rescue when she fights for Anupama with the neighbours. Rakhi evens cooks for the Shah family while Kavya and Anirudh have a talk.

Pakhi feels guilty for taking Anupama for granted while Kinjal asks her to support Anupama.

In future episodes, Kavya will reveal to the Shah family about Anupama and Vanraj divorce being finalised in 3 days. The Shah family will be shocked to hear this.

How will Anupama and Vanraj face their family? What will be the family’s reaction?

Stay tuned for more updates on the Anupama serial.