Anupama Spoiler: Shah family to learn about divorce

Anupama Latest News:

Star Plus serial Anupama is entertaining its viewers with its different story of a housewife. It’s gaining popularity day by day with its unexpected twists and turns.

So far, Anupama and Vanraj went before the family for a picnic while Leela acted of having knee pain and prevented the family from going after the couple. Further, Kavya got suspicious that Anupama and Vanraj going along may be a part of Leela’s decision to separate her from Vanraj.

Anirudh calls Kavya for getting the NOC documents while he observes that Kavya is crying. Furthermore, he surprises her by getting to her house and decides to console her.

In the coming episodes, Kavya will inform the Shah family of the divorce being finalised within 3 days.

The Shah family will be left in shock and will rebuke Vanraj and Anupama for hiding the truth.

Will Leela and Pakhi be able to prevent divorce?

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