Imli: Aditya hurts himself to save Imli’s oil lamp

Imlie upcoming spoiler: Aditya hurts himself to save Imli’s hand from burning.

Star Plus’s drama serial, Imli has gained a lot of attention with its various plot twists and interesting storyline.

So far, Aditya is in Pagdandiya and is lying to Malini. Later, Malini finds out about his marriage in Pagdandiya and that he has not gone for any office work.

Aditya decides to do Pooja with Imli while Malini leaves the Tripathi house.

Now in coming episodes, Imli will tell Aditya about an oil lamp which will be a symbol of their relationship.

Aditya will promise to protect it while Dulari Devi will use a stick to break the oil lamp.

Aditya will take the burning edge of the oil lamp in his hand to protect Imli’s trust and will hurt himself.

Will this new found relationship of Imli and Aditya kill Malini’s relationship with Aditya?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli serial.