Imli: Aditya takes a stand for Imli against Dulari

Imli (Imlie): Aditya takes a stand for Imli against Dulari (Upcoming Spoiler)

Star Plus’s popular serial Imli has gained much popularity recently with its amazing twists and turns.

So far, Aditya is in Pagdandiya and is lying to Malini. He has started feeling for Imli while Malini knows Aditya is lying to her.

Further, Aditya performs Pooja with Imli and also saves the Diya with her despite Dulari’s evil plans.

Now in the coming episodes, Dulari will again blame Imli for having a failed marriage and Aditya leaving her again in Pagdandiya.

Imli will be hurt while Aditya will not be able to tolerate Imli’s insult. He will speak up in Imli’s favour and will rebuke Dulari for her words.

He will threaten to harm anyone who speaks against Imli.

Will this be the start of Imli and Aditya’s love relationship?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli serial.