Imli: Aditya to be in trouble

Star Plus’s well-known show, Imli, is gaining fame with its unique storyline and interesting twists and turns.

So far, Anu insulted Imli and erased her footprints at the Tripathis home. Further, Imli and Aditya had fun by playing around.

Meanwhile, Malini caught Aditya running away.

In the future episodes of Imli, Malini will ask the astrologer to predict Aditya’s future.

The astrologer will say that Aditya has the chance of having two wives which will make Malini shocked.

Later on, Malini will suspect Aditya on the astrologer’s prediction.

Will Aditya spill the truth to Malini?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli.