Imli: Aditya to express his feelings for Imlie (Upcoming Twist)

Imli (Imlie): Aditya to share his love in front of Imlie

Star Plus’s popular serial Imli is one of the finest stories shown on the channel.

So far, Aditya comes to Pagdandiya and lies to Malini about it. Further, he gets attached to Imli and starts developing feelings for her.

Later, he learns that Dev is the father of Imli and Meethi’s ex-lover.

Now in the coming episodes, Aditya will express how he feels about Imli and how she has impacted his life.

He will reveal how much he loves her but Imli will stop him from revealing the truth.

Will Imli reveal her feelings as well?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli serial.