Imli: Aditya to know about Imli’s father

Imli (Imlie): Aditya to know about Imli’s father

Star Plus serial Imli is entertaining viewers with unexpected twists and turns in the storyline and gaining viewers attention.

In recent episodes, viewers had witnessed that Aditya talks his heart out to Imli. Then, Aditya takes Imli and all others to the restaurant. At the restaurant, Aditya scolds the manager for insulting Imli and others. Later, Meethi thanks Aditya for accepting Imli and taking good care of her.

Dev arrives at the same restaurant. Satyakaam beats him up for betraying Meethi and drags him to the jungle which Prakash sees and informs Chandu. Aditya and Chandu go to stop him.

In the coming episodes, Satyakaam will try to kill Dev, but Meethi slaps him. Then she will confess that he is Imli’s father while Aditya will overhear this.

How will Aditya react after knowing that Dev is Imli’s father? Will Imli get to know about her father?

Stay tuned to know more updates about Imli serial.