Imli: Aditya to realise his love for Imli

Imli (Imlie): Aditya to realise his love for Imli (Upcoming Spoiler)

Star Plus serial Imli is entertaining viewers with unexpected twists and turns in the storyline and gaining viewers attention.

In recent episodes, viewers witnessed the growing closeness between Aditya and Imli.

Aditya performs rituals in the temple with Imli and also dances with her.

Aditya even hurts himself to protect the oil lamp for Imli.

Then, Aditya takes a stand for Imli in front of everyone when Dulari insults Imli. Aditya asks Imli to forgive him for his mistakes and tells her that he loves her.

In the coming episodes, Aditya and Imli will grow closer.

Aditya will feel an emotional connect with Imli and will realise that he is in love with her.

What will be the future of their growing bond?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli serial.