Imli: Malini to learn the truth about Aditya (Upcoming Story)

Imli: Malini to learn the truth about Aditya

Star plus serial Imlie is entertaining viewers with unexpected twists and turns in the storyline and gaining viewers’ attention.

In recent episodes, Aditya learns the truth that Imli is Dev’s daughter. Meethi stops Dev from revealing his identity to Imli. Aditya feels dejected parting ways with Imli and leaves for Delhi.

Anu visits Tripati house and rebukes the family members for Malini’s condition. She asks about Aditya.

Aditya finds his family behaving differently after his arrival and comes to know that Malini left the house. Aparna confronts him and asks to meet Malini.

Dev returns home. Malini becomes unconscious and Anu loses her temper while Dev and Dadi try to calm her. Aditya comes to meet Malini.

In the coming episodes, Malini will dial a number from Aditya’s mobile. Prakash will receive the call. Prakash will learn that Malini is Aditya’s wife.

Will Malini learns the truth? How will Praksh react after knowing about Malini?

Stay tuned to know more updates about the Imli from upcoming serial.