Imli serial: Devchand to think Malini is dead

Imli (Imlie) serial: Devchand to think Malini is dead (Upcoming Spoiler)

Imli serial has gained a lot of popularity in the past few weeks and has impressed the audience with a unique story.

As we know, Imli gets a surprise birthday party and gets emotional. Aditya gives another surprise to Imli and asks for a second chance from her.

Further, the family receives shocking news as Malini meets with an accident and goes missing.

The future episodes will see a major twist as Aditya will find a body wearing the same clothes as Malini.

However, it would be another lady wearing the same clothes. Further, Devchand will see the same body and will think that Malini is dead.

Is Malini actually dead or will return?

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