Imli Serial: Malini to go missing after the accident

Imlie Serial: Malini to go missing after the accident (Upcoming Twist)

The latest serial on Star Plus, Imli has created a lot of buzz with its interesting twists and turns and stellar star cast.
As we know, the Tripathi family surprises Imli with a birthday party while she gets emotional recalling her past memories.
Further, Aditya requests a chance from Imli while Malini gets disturbed with Imli and Aditya’s connection.
The upcoming episodes will see a major twist with the accident of the school bus in which many students and also Malini were present.
Also, the police will inform Aditya that Malini’s name is on the list of people who have gone missing from the accident site.
Will Aditya be able to find Malini?
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