Imli Spoiler: Imli to get interrogated by the Tripathis

Imli (Imlie) upcoming twist:

Star Plus’s latest popular serial, Imli has gathered a lot of fans in less time.

So far, Aditya expresses his feelings for Imli and wants to be with her. However, Imli doesn’t want him to break Malini’s heart.

Meanwhile, Malini learns from a priest that Aditya will get married twice. Aditya also puts Sindhoor in Imli’s hairline.

Now in the coming episodes, Tripathis and Malini will notice Sindhoor in Imli’s hairline and will get shocked.

They will question Imli about it while Imli will not be able to give a proper answer.

Will Aditya admit he is married to Imli?

Stay tuned for more updates on Imli serial.