Imli upcoming Story: Malini to be shocked to see Imli’s Sindhoor

Imli spoiler:

Star Plus’s popular show, Imli is gearing up for more twists and turns.

So far, Imli was overwhelmed with Aditya’s love while Malini was suspicious about his changed attitude.

Later, Aditya confessed his love to Imli and surprised her with balloons and her favorite toys.

In the latest episodes, Aditya will apply vermilion on Imli’s hairline.

Further, Malini and Imli will bump into each other while Malini will see the Sindhoor on Imli’s hairline and will get shocked.

Later, Malini will dig for more truths about Aditya and Imli.

Will Malini accept Imli after knowing their past?

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