MHRW Upcoming Story: Raghav turns crazy for Pallavi

MHRW Upcoming Story: Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali Serial News

Star Plus’s interesting show MHRW is gearing up for more fun-loving scenes.

So far in the MHRW serial, Jaya got furious at Raghav for blackmailing Pallav.

Later, Pallavi convinced Jaya not to leave as she is staying for her sake.

Further, Raghav treated Pallavi’s blisters while she fell sick with chickenpox.

In the upcoming episodes of MHRW, Jaya will order Raghav to bring neem leaves for Pallavi.

He will get himself dirty while bringing the leave while Jaya and Farhad will make fun of him.

Later in MHRW, Raghav will challenge Pallavi that he will not give her the shop keys if she acts stubborn.

Will Pallavi allow Raghav to treat her?

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