Molkki Upcoming Story: Bheem to scold Anjali for her harsh punishment

Molkki Spoiler Alert:

Colors TV’s popular serial, Molkki is seeing some major twists with the kidnap of Purvi.

So far, Juhi and Manas have learned that Anjali and Prakashi are behind Purvi’s kidnap. Further, they try to ruin Anjali’s lunch party by adding insects to the food.

Also, Anjali punishes them by locking them in a room.

Now in the coming episodes, Bheem will learn that Anjali has put the kids inside a room and will get furious.

He will rebuke Anjali and will threaten to lock her in a room if she ever repeats the action again.

Also, Purvi will be trying to escape from the shackles of Prakashi.

Will Manas and Juhi be able to save Purvi?

Stay tuned for more updates on Molkki serial.