Molkki serial: Vaibhav to be alive?

Molkki Upcoming Story: Vaibhav to be alive?

Colors TV never fails to entertain viewers with interesting new plots and Molkki serial is one such example.

As we know, Virendra kills Vaibhav while the police arrest him. Further, Prakashi asks Virendra to perform the last rites of Vaibhav.

Also, Anjali tries to manipulate Prakashi against Purvi while Purvi gets suspicious of Prakashi’s actions.

Now in coming episodes viewers will see a shocking new twist as Vaibhav will be shown alive.

Anjali will be seen meeting Vaibhav and serving him his drink. The two will be seen conspiring against Purvi and Virendra Pratap.

Will Purvi be able to find out the truth about Anjali?

Stay updated for more spoilers of Molkki.