Molkki Upcoming Story: Anjali and Jyothi to keep the kids in a peril

Colors TV’s popular show, Molkki, has never failed to grab the interest of its viewers with its twists and turns.

So far, Virendra saved Purvi from the goons.

Later, Purvi told Virendra that Anjali tried to steal her jewelry and showed the evidence to Virendra.

According to the latest news, Purvi will watch over the kids on a Ferris wheel.

Purvi will notice Sakshi at the carnival and follow her while leaving the kids.

Meanwhile, Anjali and Jyothi will come at the Ferris wheel and will loosen the bolt of it.

The Kids will be in danger as they will be seen hanging on the Ferris wheel and shouting for help.

Will Purvi gets back to the kids on time?

Stay tuned for more updates on Molkki serial.