Molkki: Virendra’s ex-wife Saakshi’s return creates trouble for Purvi

Molkki upcoming Story: Virendra’s ex-wife Saakshi creates trouble for Purvi- Virendra

Colors TV’s Molkki serial is up for some major changes in the storyline with the entry of Virendra’s ex-wife, Saakshi.

The serial is story is focusing on Purvi and Virendra’s budding chemistry. Virendra has finally accepted to love anyone other than Saakshi.

Purvi also feels safe with Virendra and they both will soon get closer.

The coming episodes will see a shocking new twist with the entry of Saakshi in the serial. Virendra’s first wife Saakshi will be back in his life.

She will create a stir in Purvi’s life. The family members will have sympathy and love for Saakshi and Virendra will also focus more on her.

Will Purvi get ignored in the presence of Saakshi?

Stay tuned for more updates on Molkki serial.