YRKKH: Kairav learns about Sirat and Ranvir’s relationship

YRKKH upcoming story:

Star Plus’s popular show YRKKH is gearing up for more twists and drama.

So far in YRKKH serial, Sirat decided to marry Kartik for the sake of Kairav.

Later, Kartik convinced Sirat not to give up on her love.

Sirat and Kartik bid goodbye to each other on a happy note.

In future episodes of YRKKH, Manish will get frustrated and will shout at Kartik about Sirat’s relationship.

He will scold Kartik for not considering Kairav’s feelings.

At the same time in YRKKH, Kairav will overhear Manish’s words and will get shocked.

Will Kairav let go of Sirat?

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