Anupama 13th April 2021 Written Update: Nandini gets emotional

Anupama 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update:

Today’s Anupama 13 April 2021 episode starts with Nandini asking Nandini to give her ring to the goons while she refuses as it is very precious to her.

Meanwhile, Kavya manages to steal the divorce documents from Vanraj’s house by climbing up a ladder.

Further, Pakhi asks Kinjal to permit her to the party but she denies her.

In the meantime, Pakhi gets pressurized by her friends on going to the party while she decides to sneak out of the house by lying to Kinjal.

Later, Samar and Nandini fight with the goons and get saved from them.

Nandini feels emotional and hugs Samar saying that she can’t afford to lose her by any chance.

At the Shah house, Pakhi lies to her family saying that she going for a combined study and leaves while Kavya records her movements.

Pakhi reaches the party and Kabir compliments her while getting ready to implement his plan to kiss her.

Elsewhere, Samar asks the driver to go to the nearest temple which makes Nandini confused.

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