Anupama 18th May 2021 Written Update: Anupama has cancer

Anupama 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update:  Anupama written update

Today’s Anupama 18 May 2021 episode starts with Advait teasing Anupama and Vanraj by putting a song about separation.

Leela prepares a meal for the family and addresses Anupama as her daughter-in-law. She gets upset realizing she is not her Bahu anymore.

Paritosh is upset with his parent’s divorce while Samar can understand his pain.

Anupama and Vanraj return to the resort while everyone gets upset. However, Kavya is delighted to realize they are divorced.

Anupama announces that she will stay at the cottage adjacent to Kavya’s room.

Leela asks her to stay but Anupama is adamant to leave the house.

Kavya gives Anupama tea and taunts her but Anupama is ready to build her own life.

Kavya goes to meet Vanraj and gives sweets to everyone. She invites them to her and Vanraj’s wedding while everyone criticizes her move.

Anupama learns from Advait that she is suffering from cancer.

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