Anupama 20th April 2021 Written Update: Kavya worsens things

Anupama 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update:

Today’s Anupama 20th April 2021 episode starts with Dolly telling Anupama that Baa- Bapuji safely reached the station.

Later, Kavya informs Meenu that Anupama is leaving while Dolly shuts her up.

Meanwhile, Anupama asks Dolly to send Meenu to the Shahs’ house after she leaves.

Pakhi and Samar find that the Government offices will remain closed and feel happy.

Later, Kavya speaks to the interior designer about the changes in the house after Anupama leaves the family.

She stirs up Anupama by speaking near to her.

In the meantime, Pakhi asks for Dolly’s help in breaking Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce.

Further, Dolly asks Kavya not to intervene between Anupama and her brother, Vanraj, and tells her that Vanraj is not happy with the separation.

Dolly tells Kavya that Vanraj will always compare Kavya to Anupama whenever she will go wrong while Kavya relates to her words.

Nandini calls Samar to inform about Dolly but Anupama answers the call and overhears everything.

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