Anupama 21st June 2021 Written Update: Leela rebukes Kavya

Anupama 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama written update

Today’s Anupama 21 June 2021 episode starts with Leela keeping an eye on Geeta as she gets suspicious of her stealing something.

Meanwhile, Nandini and Samar make a plan to provide a better life for Anupama.

Anupama makes Geeta realize that she is a part of the family and that she isn’t sorry for the same.

Vanraj returns home and reveals that he has got a job.

Anupama gets happy to see his confidence and prays for his success.

Vanraj doesn’t eat Geeta’s food but eats food made by Anupama.

Geeta tells Kavya about Vanraj eating Anupama’s food which makes her furious.

She gets into an argument with Leela and Anupama and warns them to stay away from her and Vanraj’s married life.

Kavya’s rude behavior towards Leela shocks Anupama.

Upcoming Anupama written episode update: Vanraj and Kavya get into a fight.