Anupama 26th April 2021 Written Update: Anupama breaks down

Anupama 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update:  Anupamaa written update

Today’s Anupamaa 26 April 2021 episode starts with Anupama getting furious at Vanraj while she pushes him back.

Anupama yells at Vanraj and asks him to come back home while he declines.

At the same time, Anupama faints shouting at him.

Nandini informs Kavya about finding Vanraj while she blames Anupama for all that.

Vanraj and Paritosh take Anupama on a cart.

Kavya decides to go to the resorts.

Later, Advait informs Paritosh and Vanraj that Anupama is okay.

He tells Vanraj that Anupama had mental fatigue.

Vanraj asks to treat Anupama while staying in the resorts.

Further, he gives Paritosh his card to pay the bills.

Vanraj convinces Anupama to get to stay in the resort for the treatment.

Anupama asks Vanraj to call Kavya and suddenly falls unconscious while Vanraj holds her.

At the same time, Kavya reaches the resort and sees Vanraja holding Anupama.

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