Anupama 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi remembers Anupama

Anupama 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update:

Today’s episode starts with Pakhi watching her parent’s picture while Kinjal comes there and asks her if she’s upset because Anupama isn’t there.

Pakhi recalls her moments with Anupama and feels guilty about taking Anupama with no consideration throughout her life.

Meanwhile, Anirudh asks Kavya if she is certain about marrying Vanraj as she doesn’t have faith in Vanraj while telling her to have faith in him as she loves him.

Pakhi recalls how everyone forgot Anupama’s birthday and celebrated Kavya’s promotion.

Pakhi says that she hopes the divorce doesn’t happen while Kinjal stops her by asking her to support Anupama in her decision.

Anirudh tells Kavya that he will always be together with her while she appreciates him.

Later, the electricity pops while Rakhi says that she can’t sleep without AC.

However, Leela manages to convince her to sleep in her room. Everyone goes to sleep while someone enters the Shah house through the kitchen window.

Rakhi goes to the kitchen to get water and gets scared seeing Mamaji there. Leela wakes up and argues with Rakhi while drinking all of the water from the bottle.

The lady drops something and Mamaji comes and talks to her thinking that she is Rakhi.

The lady goes towards the outside door but goes back inside the house to not make Mamaji suspicious. She hides seeing Rakhi coming.

Meanwhile, Kinjal sings a lullaby for Pakhi while she remembers Anupama singing for her and putting her to sleep.

Precap: Kavya shows the divorce papers to Shah family.