Anupama Written Update 15th March 2021: Vanraj’s outburst

Anupamaa Written Update 15th March 2021: Vanraj’s outburst

Anupama 15th March 2021 episode starts with Vanraj reminding Samar of the role he played in 8th grade of a father. He reminds him that he wasn’t able to handle the role for half an hour but he has managed to keep the house together half his life.

He further states that he never misbehaved with his father and always knew the value of a father’s hard work for the family.

Kavya tries to speak while Vanraj stops her. Vanraj says only he will speak and explains his life story. He explains how he struggled to make the house a 5 bed room house from one bedroom.

He states that he used to give tuitions at a young age and has worked really hard to complete his father’s dream.

He points that he and dolly used to sleep on the floor and they had only one chair. Bapuji used to stand up when anyone visited them.

He further points that he took care of his sister as well and used to save 40 rupees to provide everything that his sister desired.

He says that a mother’s sacrifices are visible but a father is never appreciated for his sacrifices. He says that he made a mistake as a husband but is punished as a son and father as well.

He appreciates Anupama for doing everything for the family but wants her to tell everyone that he has also done so much for the family.

He says that he made two mistakes of loving Kavya and hiding it. He doesn’t want to get blamed for the same mistake again and again.

He wants to be remembered for whatever he has done for the family as well. He states that he always stayed with the family even when he went to Kavya’s house.

He wanted to stay with the family and shares his pain of losing the job. He further expected his sons to console him.

Precap: Anupama decides to give the house to Vanraj and leave.