Anupama Written Update 17th March 2021: Anupama scolds Samar

Anupama confronting Samar and scolding him for his behaviour. She thinks Samar shouldn’t have misbehaved with his father.

She is hurt as she feels ashamed as his mother. She reminds him that everyone makes mistake and that she also dropped him when he was 6 months old.

Anupama counts the sacrifices of Vanraj for his kids and wants Samar to follow the good things of his father. She feels bad that Samar picked up the one mistake his father did.

She wants him and other kids in the family to never misbehave with Vanraj. She also asks for a promise and Samar promises to do whatever Anupama says.

Anupama further wants her kids to support her in her decision. Later, Kinjal argues with Paritosh about Kavya’s presence in the house.

Kinjal doesn’t want anything wrong happening with Anupama and thinks Anupama and Kavya can’t live under one roof.

Anupama breaks down in front of Shivling and asks for help. Bapuji consoles her and says he will always support the right thing.

Anupama asks Bapuji to give the house to Vanraj as it doesn’t belong to her. She says she will have to leave the house before Kavya and Vanraj get married.

Vanraj overhears this and gets angry. He thinks Anupama wants to show him as the bad guy and doesn’t want any favour from Anupama.

He says he has never tried to snatch any right from her. Anupama states that she can’t live with Kavya happily while Vanraj accepts the house.

Precap: Vanraj asks Anupama to leave while Kavya makes a cunning ploy.