Anupama Written Update 19th March 2021: Kavya’s wicked plan

Anupama 19th March 2021 episode starts with Kavya moving back as she forgets her phone. She is unable to see Anupama while Anupama thinks she is upset to see her.

Samar looks at Kavya with hatred while Kavya thinks he is made at her because Anupama left the house. She decides to win everyone’s heart in the house.

Samar goes to meet Nandini and tells her about his idea of opening a dance academy. He wants Anupama to be the MD and Nandini to be the classical teacher.

Nandini warns Samar of Kavya being selfish doing anything for her motives. Next morning, Anupama wakes up early and performs Pooja.

Kavya also wakes up and decides to make tea for the family to impress them. However, Anupama stops her from entering the kitchen and she hasn’t taken a bath yet.

Kavya gets shocked to see Anupama and questions her about staying back. Anupama doesn’t respond and asks her to come back after bathing to make breakfast.

Kavya questions Vanraj while he says he knew Anupama wouldn’t go. Meanwhile, Kinjal is concerned about Anupama while Kavya asks Vanraj to talk about the property with Bapuji.

Vanraj talks to Bapuji about the property while Anupama comes there with tea. She says that she is living there just for Pakhi.

Kavya comes into the kitchen to make food while Baa gives her instructions. She also scares her of making mistakes in the food made especially for Vanraj.

Kavya isn’t able to serve properly while Vanraj rebukes her and takes Anupama’s side. Kavya is further forced to serve to Anupama as well.

Kinjal asks Kavya to join office while Baa gets happy.

Precap: The family celebrates with Anupama for having 100 students in her dance class.