Anupama Written Update 4th March 2021: Nandini confesses love

Anupama 4th March 2021 episode starts with Vanraj stopping the car as the tire gets punctured. Anupama suggests waiting in the Dhaba and have tea.

They share an awkward moment as Anupama reminds him about his tea time. Meanwhile, Samar decides to do something special for Nandini.

Anupama remembers a past journey with Vanraj when she wanted to drink tea but Vanraj refused as he had to attend a meeting with Kavya.

At present, Vanraj offers to bring tea for Anupama. Elsewhere, Samar asks Kinjal to come late as he planning a date with Nandini at home. Kavya is ready to send Kinjal early so that she can spend time with Paritosh.

Samar gets irritated when a delivery guy keeps ringing his door. However, the fourth time Nandini rings and he gets mesmerized to see her.

Nandini and Samar spend some Nok-Jhok moments and later Nandini dances to express her feelings. In the end, Samar catches Nandini when she is about to fall.

Vanraj is changing a tire when Anupama wishes to learn the same. She helps Vanraj while they both share some special moments with each other.

Baa gets pleased to see Vanraj and Anupama happy with each other and wish for their togetherness. Meanwhile, the man who followed Kavya comes to her place and asks for a glass of water.

Kavya feels weird but still gives water. She gets a sense of danger with his presence around. Elsewhere, Samar tells Nandini that she is the perfect dancer and the best.

Samar confesses his love for Nandini while Nandini also says I love you. Nandini says she tried to hide her feelings but failed.

Anupama and Vanraj spend some quality time together. Anupama asks Vanraj to call Kavya but he says she will call if anything urgent comes up.

Precap: Vanraj gets upset with Samar and Nandini’s closeness.